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Why Sell with Us?

PBR Auctions is one of the leading auction houses in western Canada and the largest privately held auction house in Saskatchewan.  Since our opening in 1992, we have conducted over 4,000 on-site public sales and numerous off-site sales.  We currently have over 700,000 registered buyers who have purchased over 100,000 vehicles and equipment, with a total cost in excess of $400 million.  We continue to have over 10,000 buyers per month visit our location as well as over 18,000 online followers.  PBR Auctions is also fully bonded and insured.

For more information contact us at:

For General Inquires:
Call: (306) 931-7666

For Sales:
Call: (306) 370-7666

We have a standing offer to provide professional auctioneering services for all things including the following:

  • Automotive and Light Duty Fleet
  • Heavy Equipment and Industrial
  • Attachments and Implements
  • Shop Equipment and Tools
  • Seized Property
  • Fire and Rescue Apparatus
  • Real Estate
  • Certified Appraisals (free with consignment)

PBR Auctions also provides a wide variety of other services including:

  • SGI Provincial Safety Inspection
  • SGI Provincial Structural Integrity Inspection
  • Full clean and details
  • Windshields and glass
  • Decal removal
  • Mechanical and autobody services
  • Certified appraiser on duty

What Can You Expect?

It’s easy to consign. Simply call, fax, or e-mail us and we will take care of the rest, from transportation to advertising.

Our advertising is second to none. This includes a strong web presence, e-mail distribution, fax distribution, marketing flyers, direct phone marketing, trade publications, and radio and web advertising.

After the auction you will receive a detailed report of your inventory selling prices along with all selling costs clearly broken down and deducted. Along with your cheque you will also receive the individual copies of each bill of sale.

Municipalities, businesses or estates with a large number of assets have the option to hold an auction sale on their site, complete with live internet bidding to reach your maximum audience.

What Does it Cost to Sell at PBR?

Vehicles, Farm and Industrial

PBR holds public vehicle auctions every Saturday starting at 9am and public Farm and Industrial Auctions the last Saturday of every month starting at 1pm.

If you sell through our Vehicle or Farm and Industrial sale, PBR charges 10% commission (Reserved), 8% commission (Unreserved). Maximum of $699 on anything with anything with a key or a serial number including vehicles, trucks, trailers, tractors, heavy equipment or recreational assets. A 30% commission (Max. $699) is applied for light industrial, support items, plate contractors, generators, snow blades, push mower, hand tools and shop inventory. The 30% (Max. $699) commission applies to everything else in that sale. Items must be in by Friday 1pm for the Farm and Industrial Sale and by 3pm for Vehicle Auction.

There will be Run Through/Entry Fees of $44.99 applied for each sale the unit go through. You can choose to purchase Carfax add-on for $44.99 while consigning vehicle which needs to be paid upfront. Carfax will go with Buyer once vehicle is SOLD.

Seller/Consignor is supposed to disclose all defects he/she aware of.

Rates negotiable on a case-by-case basis.


PBR Auctions holds public auctions every Wednesday at 5pm and Saturday at 12pm. If you wish to sell items through our liquidation auction, please phone our office at (306) 931-7666 to see what consignments are accepted or contact sales at: (306) 370-7666, or e-mail

Fees for Selling Through our Liquidation Ring

PBR charges a 30% commission (Max $699) on items sold through our auction. Everything sells unreserved to the highest bidder.

How to Book in a Vehicle for Auction

You are more than welcome to bring your vehicle in for auction anytime Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. We ask that you have your vehicle in by Friday at 3pm to ensure a spot in the current Saturday's sale. PBR Auctions does not accept vehicles on Saturday mornings and if you cannot make it by Friday at 3pm, please call us in advance to make arrangements with our auto staff. We will try our best to accommodate you, but there is no guarantee we will be able to book your vehicle in beyond the 3pm deadline. PBR Auctions requires that all consignors declare malfunction on the powertrain of vehicles related to engine, transmission and differential prior to the sale. Vehicles not properly declared are subject to arbitration. Arbitration policy does not cover wearable items (tires, brakes, etc.). All vehicles are left at the owner's risk*.

*The auction does not provide insurance coverage on any vehicle; seller-owner will assume all risk and liability of any vehicle on auction premises pending sale. The title shall remain in seller-owner name, who has instructed the auction to sell the vehicle. The seller-owner will hold all responsibility towards the vehicle until paid in full. The seller-owner agrees that the title is free and clear and the vehicle has no other deficiencies other than those declared by the seller-owner on the selling contract. The auction makes no guarantees on make, year, model, mileage and equipment or verification on statements made by seller-owner.

Fees for Selling a Vehicle

There are two ways in which you can sell your vehicle through our auction:

  • Reserved Bid: You are allowed to place a reserve bid on your vehicle. It must be a minimum of $2000.00. If you place a reserve bid on your vehicle, we charge a 10% commission fee (Max. $699) on the final sale of your vehicle (e.g. if we sell your vehicle for $3000.00, we would charge a $300.00 commission fee).

  • Unreserved Bid: You are not allowed to place a minimum bid if you are selling your vehicle unreserved. Vehicles that sell unreserved sell to the highest bidder in the auction ring. There is no guarantee on the amount we will sell your vehicle for. If you place your vehicle unreserved, we charge a 8% commission fee on the final sale of your vehicle (e.g. if we sell your vehicle for $1000.00, we would charge a $80.00 commission fee).

There is one other fee associated with selling a vehicle through our auction:

  • Entry Fee/Run Through Fee: This is a $44.99 + tax fee which is a standard auction fee for cost of selling a vehicle through us also is associated with selling your vehicle online to those who are unable to attend our auction in person. This fee applies per auction.

  • Carfax Add-on: Consignor can choose to add/attach Carfax report while consigning vehicle for $44.99. This add-on is optional but there are high chances that it will increase chances to get higher bids for the unit. If selected, charges need to be paid upfront.

These fees are non-negotiable.

** Discounted Rates For Dealers - Please Contact Directly **