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Live Auction Help

Hello, if you are having issues with our live auction system please read the common issues and try

  1. I can’t hear the audio on the live auction player but the video is working.
    Check to make sure that your speakers are connected and the volume is turned up. If you still don’t hear any audio, try refreshing your page.

  2. I can’t see the video or hear the auction. I have tried refreshing the page.
    Be sure that you have the newest version of chrome installed on your computer. We recommend using chrome for the best user experience. If you are unsure how to download chrome, please follow the screen shots here (Or you can go to google's support page here).

  3. I can’t bid on an item.
    Make sure that you have created a login and you are signed in to the system. If you are not signed in you are viewing the auction as a guest. Guest’s cannot bid on items. You can register or sign in at the top right of the page.

If you are still experiencing issues please call Ketul at 306-931-7666.